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A distinct difference…

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by Sifu Mike No Comments

You can learn a lot from the words of another…


Today, we live in a world where nearly everything is is either ego or money-driven. Martial arts is supposed to be the exception to that. It’s supposed to be based on honor and integrity… two attributes that seem to be lacking in our society today. When talking with martial arts school owners and instructors about their facility or style, you should listen for one of two very important words… “better” or “different”.


Distinguishing between “better” and “different” is what defines our academy.


In today’s ego-driven society, you hear it all the time: “My martial art and/or school is better than yours!” This is an incredibly foolish statement when you consider the fact that there are different philosophies taught within each school. When are we going to realize that no martial art reigns supreme over another. There are no absolutes. Each art and school has its own focus, whether it be competition, self-defense, inner peace, or various others. And, because of this, each school is different. I have never claimed that my academy or what I teach is better than another’s. I do, however, claim its differences, and am quick to point them out. 


As you look around our academy, you will see no shiny trophies… no medals, whether gold, silver, or bronze… and no certificates of participation. There is no tangible evidence of our students ever having excelled in a competitive tournament. That is for the simple reason that I do not believe in tournament competition. We are strictly a self-defense and personal improvement facility. Now… don’t get me wrong… I think competition is a healthy part of childhood development. I just don’t feel that it has a place in our academy. 


Over the past 12 years, the success of Premier Martial Arts Academy has been measured by our students’ PERSONAL advancements. I believe that time spent teaching our kids how to excel in tournaments is time NOT spent on real-life self defense. I will never see the surplus of money that school owners make off of competitive tournaments… and I’m ok with that. I’m perfectly content with knowing that our kids will be able to handle themselves if ever confronted by adversity. I’m confident that they’ll be able to protect themselves or their loved ones, if need be.


If competitive martial arts is your thing, that’s great… but, unfortunately, we are not what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if self-defense and personal growth & development are what interest you, then I’m happy to tell you that you have found what you are looking for!


We are Premier Martial Arts Academy… and we are proud to say that we are DIFFERENT than every other martial arts facility out there. 




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