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American Combative Jujitsu:

American Combative Jujitsu is an important aspect of training taught within our curriculum. It teaches self-defense from the “grappling” range. It provides some of the most devastating and effective means of ground defense in the world, and is NOT focused on competition. Students only wear shorts and a t-shirt, not a gi.

Our American Combative Jujitsu program is a progressive, ever evolving system of self-defense. Many of our techniques, both stand up and ground, can be found in Police and Military training all over the world.

American Combative Jujitsu incorporates strikes, kicks, throws, holds, joint locks, chokes and pressure point manipulation. It teaches you how to use an opponent’s attacking force and direction against them.

Attackers are overcome by emphasizing proper technique, as opposed to just using strength alone.

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