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Get ready for Senior GM Anthony Kleeman!!!

Come train in Cacoy Doce Pares eskrima with one of SGM Cacoy Canete’s top ranked Grandmasters!!! Senior GM Anthony Kleeman is an 11th grade black belt under Cacoy himself. His seminars are full of useful information and are presented in a fun and easy to understand fashion. Cost is $150 for both days, or $125 if paid before January 1st.



A distinct difference…

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by Sifu Mike No Comments

You can learn a lot from the words of another…   Today, we live in a world where nearly everything is is either ego or money-driven. Martial arts is supposed to be the exception to that. It’s supposed to be based on honor and integrity… two attributes that seem to… Read More&#187

Our New Commercial…

Posted on: September 30th, 2013 by Sifu Mike No Comments

Our 2013 promo commercial is finished!!!  

Church Fun!!!

Posted on: September 30th, 2013 by Sifu Mike No Comments

We will be teaching 1 hour of Krav Maga and kempo self-defense tactics at the LifeGate church men’s retreat on Saturday morning, October 5th, followed by lots of firearms fun and explosives! Sound like your kind of day? Feel free to join us! Cost is $40, and that includes meals.… Read More&#187

Started Filming…

Posted on: August 27th, 2013 by Sifu Mike No Comments

We started filming today for our new commercial! We’ll be done capturing all of the footage by next week, and hope to get the commercial finished by mid-September. Can’t wait!!!

SGM Cacoy Canete Benefit Seminar…

Posted on: August 18th, 2013 by Sifu Mike No Comments

Quick video of the fun…

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