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Welcome to The Inner Circle

It’s what’s on the INSIDE that counts!!!

Come be  a part of our exclusive family of truly diverse martial artists, both young and old… where you can separate yourself from the confines of traditional training, and experience the liberation that comes from being able to train freely, without being forced to conform to any particular art.

We are a “Family First” SELF-DEFENSE training center, and do not participate in tournaments or other competitive sport-type functions. We offer a NO CONTRACT enrollment for ALL of our classes, and we will never raise your rates.

We provide classes for all age groups. Our “Kids Kempo” class is a class tailored to the specific needs of the 6 to 11-year-old child. We focus on a curriculum that is specifically designed for the personal growth and development of their particular age group. We also offer many different classes for the teen and adult students, depending on their particular wants and needs.

We believe in individual growth and development, rather than expecting students to “conform” to a certain way of training. Bruce Lee said, “The individual is always more important than any established style or system.” We encourage students to develop their own personal Jeet Kune Do. We emphasize courtesy to all, while improving our self-control daily.

Our younger students share grades, homework assignments, and school projects in class so that they may be held accountable by their peers, resulting in higher grade point averages. They share the successes that they experience while outside of the training academy, so that they may be recognized for their hard work and perseverance.

Our classes are intended to build up our students, understanding that our society bombards us with enough negativity on a daily basis. We promote and encourage individual improvement on a daily basis, and we never compare the abilities of one student to another.

Our adult classes are comprised of no-nonsense self-defense and physical fitness. The tactics taught are both practical AND effective.

Classes are run very personally. Sifu Michael Peterson teaches every class with enthusiasm and passion, and has but one objective night after night… that the students leave the evening’s class with no questions about anything that was taught.

Sifu Mike says, “I want my students to understand EVERYTHING I teach. The only reason a student should leave the academy with questions in his or her head, is because that question was never asked.”

Welcome to a NEW way of studying martial arts… a way unlike any you’ve ever seen or experienced… PERSONAL self-defense training that isn’t just an evening activity, but a developmental experience that affects your daily life in a positive and refreshing way…

Welcome to the Inner Circle!


Our Student Creed



When you teach a technique, the student learns a technique…

When you teach a CONCEPT, the student learns a thousand techniques.

– Sifu Mike.

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